Mao Asada debuts with META ALL STARS


With a lot of thanks to all supporters.

Mao Asada becomes a member of META ALL-STARS

For three years since her retirement in 2018, the "Mao Asada Thanks Tour" has been touring all over Japan to deliver skating performances of gratitude to the many people who have supported her. One year has passed since the last performance, and Mao Asada has been practicing every day for a new ice show. She will participate in "NFT" as a member of META ALL STARS as she takes on this new challenge. A portion of the proceeds from the NFT, which is the fruit of the wishes of the fans who purchased the NFT, will also be used for activities aimed at further development of figure skating in Japan. The powerful and beautiful performances she has shown throughout her figure skating career, as well as her way of life and personality, will be delivered to the whole country and the world through this new form of expression, the NFT.

Full text of Mao Asada's comments after retirement

Hello META ALL-STARS fans, my name is Mao Asada. I am pleased to announce that I will be joining the META ALL-STARS NFT! First of all, I will start with the series of Thanksgiving Tour which has been held over the past 3 years since my retirement. Every moment of the Thanksgiving Tour is a great treasure for me. I have carefully selected and chosen some of my favorite photos from them. I hope to share some of my most precious memories with you all.