Tsuyoshi Shinjo x Leslie Kee Special Project


Announcement Press Conference Report vol.2

The world's first live photography show on the stage of the press conference, immediately selecting the photographs on the spot and made into NFT products

Following our guest Tsuyoshi 'BIGBOSS' Shinjo, world-famous photographer Leslie Kee appeared on the stage as a special project. Coincidentally, he is the same grade as Mr. Shinjo. From here, the world's first project to do a public photoshoot on the stage of a press conference and use photographs selected on the spot as NFTs took place. The pair moved to the fabric-backed corner of the stage and started a photoshoot on the spot. Snapshots include an artistic use of flowers and posing in a suit. As well as a playful snapshot whilst jumping with a smile. Shinjo changes his poses and facial expressions one after another in response to Leslie's directions. The shooting went smoothly from beginning to end. The selection process started on the stage to narrow down the several hundred photographs taken to just 100, then down to a further 3. The pair enjoyed pointing and choosing the photos, however they were all so good the process was not easy, this is what BIGBOSS is all about. A vote took place by people who had gathered at the venue to get a majority on which photos would be good. The three photos selected by the audience as a whole were made into NFT products without modifying and immediately put on sale. Mr. Shinjo commented with satisfaction, "It's the perfect three pieces." Leslie also commented, "I only choose photos I really like, so it was a surprise to see 100 good photos. It was a very enjoyable shoot." Mr. Leslie is expected to continue roll out various collaborations as a special photographer of META ALL-STARS. In this way, the META ALL-STARS launched.