Launched #TeamSHINJO2023 for Baseball Lovers!


Together with Tsuyoshi Shinjo, we all enjoy baseball to the fullest! NFT community for all baseball lovers! Participants will also receive special privileges such as the right to participate in a drawing for seats to a special game presented by Shinjo. At the end of the season, you will receive a Soul Bound Token as a certificate of completion that will be tied to you personally for the rest of your life!

About #TeamSHINJO2023 ID Sticker

You can participate in the lottery to win tickets to the "NEW AGE GAMES produced by SHINJO" series produced by Shinjo at ESCON Field HOKKAIDO, the home stadium of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.

NEW AGE GAMES produced by SHINJO" Schedule and Quota

May 13, 2023 (Earth): 10 groups of 20
May 14, 2023 (Sun): 25 groups of 50
May 16, 2023 (Fire): 20 groups of 40
May 17, 2023 (Water): 20 groups of 40
May 18, 2023 (Wood): 25 groups of 50

One date is selected at the time of purchase of the #TeamSHINJO2023 ID Sticker, and one additional date is selected each time the rank (tier) increases (the highest rank, Legend, allows participation in five drawings).

Application deadline: Monday, May 1, 23:59

Baseball Fan Activities and Tier System

Activity points (example)

Community participants enjoy baseball by watching and playing baseball games, and earn activity points by communicating their enjoyment.
(1) Register a Twitter account on My Page.
 Register your Twitter username on META ALL-STARS (MAS) My Page
(2) Follow the MAS Twitter account.
(3) Reply to MAS Twitter posts.
 Send photos and comments of your baseball experience (watching a game at the ballpark, grassroots baseball team, etc.) in the form of a reply to the corresponding post on the MAS account (some comments and photos may be used in MAS posts).
(4) Retweet MAS Twitter posts
 Retweet the post of "#TeamSHINJO2023" on the MAS account.
※Please be careful not to change your username during the contest.
※Please note that points will not be properly credited if you change your user name during the contest.
※The above is just one example of "baseball fan activities". Activities that lead to earning points may be added in the future in public or private forms.
※The number of points earned for each action will not be disclosed.


You can increase your NFT rank (tier) according to the total number of points you have earned, starting from Rookie when you purchase an ID Sticker, and moving up to Regular, Top, Star, and Legend according to your activity level in "Baseball Fan Activities, The tiers are then automatically advanced to the NFT Sticker tier. The NFT design automatically changes as you move up the tiers. The number of points required for each tier is not disclosed.

In addition, for each rank (Tier) you advance, you will receive one additional slot in the lottery for tickets to watch the Shinjo-produced game.


To celebrate the opening of #TeamSHINJO2023, we will give away free NFT "#TeamSHINJO2023 FREE PASS" will be distributed to the first 200 people on a limited basis. Coupon codes will be issued to "FREE PASS" purchasers at the time of purchase, allowing them to purchase "#TeamSHINJO2023 ID Stickers" at a 10% discount. The coupon code will be valid for one month (until April 22).

Certificate of Completion - Soulbound Token (SBT)

A soulbound token (SBT), which translates as "soul-bound token" or "token tied to the soul" in Japanese, is a "non-transferable NFT," unlike NFTs, which are generally transferable and are tied one-to-one to an individual, such as birth certificates and graduation certificates, which are personal proof ( It is expected to be used for personal certificates (identity), such as birth certificates and graduation certificates, which are tied one-on-one to individuals. In the "#TeamSHINJO2023" project, as a certificate of completion, you will receive a Soul Bound Token with the results of your activities (number of points) as proof of your "baseball fan activities" during this season.

Comment from Tsuyoshi Shinjo

My NFT project, which started last year, will be powered up! Baseball is fun to watch and fun to play. I have always put my desire to "make baseball more exciting" first, both during my playing days and now as a manager. I want to have fun and make baseball more exciting with all the people who share this desire and love baseball. This is not my fan club. This is a community for everyone who loves baseball! Let's join my new NFT project "#TeamSHINJO2023" which is developing in META ALL-STARS and let's make baseball more exciting together! (Some comment videos are available)