Announcement Press Conference "META ALL-STARS"

Announcement Press Conference Report vol.1

Artists of sports entertainment

On March 22, 2022, a press conference was held in Tokyo to announce the META ALL-STARS. META ALL-STARS announced that under the motto 'ARTISTS OF SPORTS', it will plan and produce its own NFT products of ALL-STARS active in the field of sports, offering a new kind of sports entertainment that promises to make your heart skip a beat.

Tsuyoshi 'BIGBOSS' Shinjo raises the curtain on the “Digital Shinjo Theater”

Tsuyoshi Shinjo of Nippon-Ham, also known as BIGBOSS, made a guest appearance three days before the opening games. He only found out about the NFT only two days prior. Shinjo has been committed to "captivating baseball" since his playing days, and has captivated fans with his many performances both on and off the field of play. These surprise performances became a major movement called "Shinjo Theater" and greatly excited the professional baseball world. Mr. Shinjo is truly a leading figure in sports and entertainment, and a person who can be said to be a symbol. Mr. Shinjo, who became BIGBOSS, and META ALL-STARS have teamed up to open the "Digital Shinjo Theater" in a new field called NFT.