「#TeamSHINJO2023」Baseball Fan Activity Methods


Activity points are earned by doing "baseball fan activities" to enjoy baseball by cheering (watching) and playing baseball games. Depending on the total number of points earned, the NFT rank (Tier) will increase and the color of the ID Sticker will change! By raising their rank, participants can express their depth of love and passion for baseball, as well as gain more advantageous benefits.

Earn points for baseball fan activities!

1. register your SNS account on META ALL-STARS (MAS) My Page
 *We will inform you how to register at a later date.
2. follow MAS Twitter account
3. post photos and comments of your baseball experience (watching a baseball game at the stadium, playing on a grassroots baseball team, etc.) on the MAS Twitter account. (e.g., watching a baseball game at a ballpark, playing on a grassroots baseball team, etc.). (Some comments and photos may be posted by the MAS account after selection by MAS.)
4. Comment or RT on the "#TeamSHINJO2023" post by the MAS Twitter account, including "3" above.
※The above is just an example.Other "baseball fan activities" may also earn points.
※Baseball fan activities that lead to the earning of points may be added in the future in public or private forms.
※The number of points for each action and the number of points required for each tier will not be disclosed.

The color of the ID Sticker changes as the ranking (tier) increases!

When you purchase an ID Sticker, you will start as a Rookie, but you will move up in five tiers, Regular, Top, Star, and Legend, depending on your activity level in "Baseball Fan Activities". When you reach a certain number of points for the next rank, your NFT will automatically change.