Mao Asada Thanks Tour Series NFT Third and fourth editions, released two weeks in a row

On sale from October 27th (THU), November 3rd(THU) The first and second editions will also be re-sold

META ALL-STARS has decided to sell new NFTs of Mao Asada, who is currently on the national ice show tour "BEYOND". The third and fourth edition NFTs of the 'Thanks Tour' photo NFTs will go on sale, where first and second edition NFTs were sold in May 2022. The third edition NFT will be on sale for two consecutive weeks, starting at 10:00AM on Thursday 27th  October and the fourth edition at 10:00AM on Thursday 3 November.

The "Mao Asada Thanks Tour" was a tour going all over Japan for three years from 2018, after her retirement, to deliver a performance of gratitude to the many people who have supported her. META ALL-STARS will deliver Asada's powerful and beautiful performances throughout her figure skating career, as well as her way of life and personality, to the whole country and the world through a new form of expression called NFT.

About the Mao Asada NFT Collection editions 3 and 4

Like the first and second editions, the third and fourth editions will be the Photo NFT series of the Thanks Tour held over the three years since her retirement.

Mao Asada comments about third edition 

The third performance consists of three songs: the opening "Lovely You", “Smile" and Bach's "Cellosuite".'Lovely You' is a chic song that seduces the male members of the band. This is another costume that had been redesigned since the second year of the tour.Sexy, bold and cute. It was a very exciting costume to wear, with my favourite pink outfit and swinging fringes.It was a quick change from the 'Night of the Dancing Ritz' that I had previously sold at NFT, and I was thrilled every time I changed where the customers could see me.The audience got really excited, and I had a lot of fun performing the song.

“Smile" is the first song of the show, so I was always very happy to see the excitement on the faces of the audience.We also changed our costumes for the second year of the tour, making them more sparkly. I think the gold and silver costumes really livened up the show.These costumes represented our desire to "always live with a smile and shine."

The final piece was Bach’s “Cellosuite”. This costume is one of my favourite costumes of all time. It was made by a Russian dressmaker. One of my favourite combinations - pale light blue and gold - is also one of the key points.

For all three songs, I selected photos that would remind me of each performance. I carefully selected these photos out of many, and they are my memories of them.

Mao Asada comments about fourth edition 

The fourth performance is two songs: 'Ritual Dance Black' and the finale 'Wind Beneath My Wings'.'Ritual Dance Black' is a costume inspired by the image of a black bird. It was made by combining different materials in a gradation of black, white and grey.I chose a photo that shows the movement of the costume and my facial expression. There are many impressive poses, so I think many will recognise the scene. I remember how nervous I was every time I changed from this costume to the Ritual Dance Red, which was launched at the recent NFT, because I had to do the costume change on the ice.

The last song was the finale, Wind Beneath My Wings. It was a performance that I skated to thank everyone who had supported and cheered me on.The costumes were also designed to be soft and warm and to express our gratitude to our customers.We have chosen photos that will remind you of the happy atmosphere of the finale.

About proceeds

A portion of the proceeds, which is the fruit of the wishes of the fans who purchased Mao Asada's NFT, will also be used for activities aimed at the further development of figure skating in Japan.

Resale of the first and second editions

The first and second editions orders that were cancelled from the sale in May 2022 will be re-sold. The re-sales will also be available from 10:00AM on October 27th (THU). Please take advantage of this opportunity.